Sketchbook 2

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Sketchbook number two.

This book was always with me during my first year of college. I had a giant hippie purse that allowed me to carry it everywhere! I took it to "study" with me at Sweet Eugene's and anywhere else you could imagine on the Texas A&M campus. It journeyed with me on a trip to Nashville, Tennessee and several road trips to Oklahoma to see my grandparents. When I look through its pages it reminds me what it was like to be a carefree college freshman!

Sketchbook 4

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Sketchbook number four.

I like this sketchbook. I drew in it during a changing time.

I filled its pages with random sketches during the first and second year of dental school. I had this book around when my first and only boyfriend, Preston, asked me to be his wife. You can see a few drawings of him snuck in amongst the pages :) I drew in this book a lot when I thought I should have been studying...but everything turned out fine.

Sketchbook 3

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Sketchbook number three.

I drew in this sketchbook my last year of college

(mainly while I was trying to stay awake in my classes!) It was a major help during summer physics and calculus. This book went with me to my dental school interviews..and to Santa Fe, New Mexico to build houses one spring break. I used this book to plan out many commission pieces that I painted for people.

Sketchbook 1

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Sketchbook number one.

I started drawing in this sketchbook when I was in the 10th grade. It traveled with me on many great adventures, all over the world. This book accompanied me in Europe-Naples, Florence, Milan, Assisi, the Isle of Capri, Venice, and Rome. Florence was my favorite.

This book kept me entertained while waiting long hours at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany. It traveled along with me on youth trips and spent days at summer camp. This book endured family road trips to Broken Bow and Minnesota... and then it fell apart.

That is the sign of a well-loved sketchbook!