Red Deer

    This is the first piece of artwork I've created since I had sweet baby Gabe. Motherhood has changed me and I am excited to see how I grow as an artist through this new journey. This painting is very special to me because I had my sweet little baby in his carrier, snuggled up against me through the whole painting process. It's definitely boy inspired, blues from the baby room, with dark browns and yellows.

    I painted this piece from a photo I took last december of a very old elk or red deer. I've always loved the photo and have wanted to paint him for some time now.  I am excited that this piece will be auctioned off for a good cause in March in Texarkana. I hope someone really enjoys having this piece in their home...I really wanted to keep it! 

old elk artwork

 Red Deer

20 x 24"

Mixed media on canvas


    I kept this painting simple with loose strokes and lines made with color pencils. Mixed media was collaged in the background but painted over. I thought the subject was beautiful and wanted to keep the focus completely on him, I thought he was a very elegant creature. 

the old elk 2


the old elk 3