Painted Stones - Room on the Broom

We love reading the story Room on the Broom. We love it so much I painted the characters on stones for our kiddos. I hope you enjoy them!


Working on the rocks, using little tiny brushes!

I may have a few painted rock sets available on my Etsy site, check it out!

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Dog, from Room on the Broom


The witch! She is so cute with her crazy hair and wart on her nose. Always makes me smile!

These rocks are adorable as display on a shelf or in a garden. I paint them with acrylic paint. I have found Martha Stewart's craft paint to layer on the rocks the best and with the most coverage. I will sometimes add details with a fine point sharpie marker. The rocks are sealed with Americana Acrylic paint sealer to help prevent wear and tear over time. 

I hope enjoyed my creations and it inspires you to craft with your little one as well!

Thank you, Lauren Spindle