Will Model for Food

Well I found myself a little bored tonight and decided to practice/experiment with some off camera flash. So I armed myself with a speedlight, yongnuo triggers, a westcott apollo 28" softbox, a reflector, my camera, and most important of all.... DOG TREATS! With the addition of the last item on my list I instantly had 2 willing and motivated models at my disposal!

Considering our logo is a bird dog (hopefully that explains the feather inside the point dog), inspired by our two setters, it seemed necessary that they should each have some proper portraits! 

Here they are lined up and ready to go as I tested to make sure my flash was synced!

(Left)- Wendy, our Gordon Setter  (Right)- Smitty, our English Setter

Below is a gallery of their portraits, enjoy!

Next time we may have to have a hair stylist on set for Wendy.